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We offer exceptional stone restoration services in Bristol and the surrounding areas.
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Stonework conservation services

Stonework can be dulled by weather conditions and dirt. We offer stone restoration with proper cleaning and protection using non-invasive procedures. Our expert team can offer advice on the most suitable conservation methods for your property. We match any replacement stones to the original stonework as closely as possible to maintain the look of the property. We try to avoid replacing stones, keeping this as a last resort. All work is undertaken with great care and expertise. For more information and a free quote get in touch with the team today.

Our other stonework services:

In addition to stone restoration and conservation, we also offer paint removal and repointing services.
We offer blast cleaning solutions as well, as this method helps in cleaning the difficult crevices and ensures the best possible result. For more information give us a call today.


We follow a step-by-step stone restoration procedure:

  • Careful analysis
  • Consultation
  • Restoration using traditional methods
  • Stone replacement if needed

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